It’s time for winemakers and winetasters alike to imbibe in Pizzetteria Brunetti’s Winemakers Tasting series in the West Village!

That’s right, we’re hosting Meet The Winemakers on Tuesday, January 21st! Prosecco producer Canella ( and wine import company Empson USA Inc. ( will be pouring free tastings of their sparkling wines at the Italian eatery for guests. Winemaker Nicoletta Canella will speak with guests. Canella winery was founded in 1947 by Luciano Canella outside of Venice. The winery is run by his children, Alessandra, Lorenzo, Nicoletta and Monica, and currently produces 9 sparkling wine labels. As of 2009, wines may only be labeled “Prosecco” if they have been produced in one of the specific areas of northeastern Italy, including Conegliano where the Canella winery is located.

The brand and family of Canella come from the heart of this appellation, and have become almost synonymous with Prosecco itself. Come taste! Complimentary wines will be poured beginning at 7 p.m. Find the perfect fit for your meal at Pizzetteria Brunetti NYC. Salute! Pop & Sonny

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