Italian Culture Meet Up


This past Mon evening March 24th at 7 PM Pizzetteria Brunetti 626 Hudson St NYC hosted an Italian Meet Up Night. Along with many of our friends and guests our partners from learn Italy International Institute for Italian language joined us to give away free Italian classes.

What a fantastic time we had with our family and friends and all of the wonderful students from Learn Italy. It’s always such a joy for us to have them all here with us. One free Italian language class was awarded to each lucky winner of a quiz, which was designed to be both educational and entertaining. The evening’s quiz consisted of a few questions on famous Italian topics such as ..Italian Food, Pizza, Fashion, Art, and Wine. I thought the quiz was great fun and everyone really enjoyed it. This activity was such a fun addition to a night of food wine and wonderful conversation at Pizzetteria Brunetti.

During the night people made new friends, had fun and won prizes.

I made a new friend in Beatrice from Gustiamo a wonderful woman with a distributorship where Pizzetteria Brunetti purchases the best Italian products. Beatrice began teasing me about my lousy Italian. As the conversation continued we both realized that we were both born on the same day 7/12/52.

We all got a real kick out of it …ci siamo diverti da matti.…it was crazy fun! After comparing our driver’s license  (she didn’t trust me) Beatrice left calling me her twin brother from Brooklyn. Beatrice is from Napoli. Thanks to all who came out to join us. Thanks to Learn Italy for partnering with us and for your valued friendship.

Migliori saluti, Michael Brunetti


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