Firing Up the Oven for Brunch at Pizzetteria Brunetti : Wall Street Journal

Proprietor Jason Brunetti was inspired by the classic dish pasta Carbonara, a mix of egg and Parmesan cheese with bits of bacon or pancetta, and created an indulgent pizza version ($21). It comes with a rich layer of egg yolk and heavy cream topped with thin, sizzling pancetta slices. The crust, baked in a wood-fired oven, is a delicious balance of pillowy and crisp.

Super Bowl Sunday Calabrian Wings and Peroni Beer

Jason created his Calabrian Wings with Goat & Blue Cheese Dip just for the occasion. They get their heat and singular flavor from his house made Calabrian pepper (as in those hailing from the Italian region of Calabria) sauce. They’ ll be complemented by Italy’s most popular beer, Peroni, and priced at just $13 for six wings and an 8 oz Peroni (the latter is normally just $8 alone).