Meet Bella, Our Custom-Built Wood-Burning Oven

When stepping foot in our West Village location, one of the first things that you’ll notice is Bella, our beloved wood-burning oven. Something that you’ll quickly realize is that Bella isn’t just any wood-burning oven. She is a custom-built wood-burning oven that was constructed onsite “brick by brick” by Napoli’s legendary oven-builder, Stefano Ferrara. 

wood-burning oven

A Wood-Burning Oven is Critical to Creating Neapolitan-Style Pizza

Bella is the heart of our West Village location, and our customers have come to love her for her ability to deliver traditional Neapolitan-style pizza that is cooked to perfection. At Brunetti Pizza, we go to great lengths to be able to provide an authentic dining experience that reflects our Italian heritage, and our hand-built wood-burning oven is essential to achieving this. 

While many restaurants claim to be able to replicate Neapolitan pizza, it’s impossible to accomplish this without a wood-burning oven. The flame is what allows us to give our dough an inimitable texture and taste, creating a crisp, delicate outer crust that is tender and chewy inside. Thanks to Bella, we’re able to cook our pizzas at a temperature between 800 and 1,000 degrees. Because we use such high temperatures, the pizzas only take 45 to 60 seconds to cook. 

wood-burning oven

To sum it up, Bella plays a critical role in helping our customers experience the Brunetti difference. While New York City is a sea of pizza restaurants, few go to the extremes that we do to create authentic Neapolitan-style pizza. For us, Bella is a fundamental element for making a great pizza, and she’s one of the big reasons why our customers keep returning to us. 

Meet Bella for Yourself

We invite you to stop by our Brunetti Pizza location in the West Village to meet Bella for yourself. Enjoy a taste of one of our Neapolitan-style pizzas cooked to perfection in our famous wood-burning oven, and plan to stick around on our canopied backyard garden with your favorite beverage in hand. 

wood-burning oven

Reserve a table online for our West Village location and experience the Brunetti difference today!

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