NY Daily News Taste Kitchen: Pizzetteria Brunetti’s Thanksgiving Pizza

When it comes to turkey, Pizzaiolo Jason Brunetti says the pie’s the limit, so he found a way to make it the star of his Thanksgiving Pizza.

Thanksgiving Pizza Jason Brunetti

Brunetti’s festive feast comprises goat cheese, roasted and spiced pumpkin, turkey sausage (custom made with turkey leg, duck confit skin, Grand Marnier, white wine and fresh herbs), fresh sage and Brussels sprouts. The pie is churned out of a wood burning oven and drizzled with Brunetti’s sweet cranberry, apple and pearl onion compote.

“I wanted to try and capture the essence of Thanksgiving, but in a slice of pizza,” says Brunetti, who first experimented with burrata cheese, sweet potato and stuffing. When those flavors didn’t hold up well in the oven, he went with goat cheese and pumpkin.

“The sweet potato was too mushy and didn’t complement the cranberry.”

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