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Pizza lovers don’t usually expect to see their favorite food on brunch menus.
But Pizzetteria Brunetti in the West Village isn’t hindered by expectations.

Proprietor Jason Brunetti was inspired by the classic dish pasta Carbonara, a mix of egg and Wall Street Journal Pizza Pizzetteria BrunettiParmesan cheese with bits of bacon or pancetta, and created an indulgent pizza version ($21). It comes with a rich layer of egg yolk and heavy cream topped with thin, sizzling pancetta slices. The crust, baked in a wood-fired oven, is a delicious balance of pillowy and crisp.

“We came up with the Carbonara pizza specifically for brunch,” said Mr. Brunetti.

Seasonal specials have included a take on Thanksgiving dinner (turkey sausage and goat cheese topped the slices), but the current feature is the Boar & Hen ($29), a pizza topped with wild boar sausage and hen-of-the-woods mushrooms. Mr. Brunetti has the sausage specially made for this dish and is careful that it doesn’t become overcooked, so each bite is a smooth meld of flavor and texture.

Small plates ($10) include succulent 100% beef meatballs and potato croquettes served with marinara sauce. To spice things up, try the homemade hot sauce made from Calabrian peppers. It is served on the side and offers a gentle kick.

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Pizzetteria Brunetti; 626 Hudson St. between Jane and Horatio streets; brunch is served from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday; 212-255-5699; DOH rating: A.

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