Why Is Brunetti Different Than Other New York Pizzerias?

Why Is Brunetti Different Than Other New York Pizzerias?

When searching for the perfect pizzeria in New York, it seems as though the possibilities are endless. However, once you experience Brunetti Pizza at our West Village or West Hampton location, we’re confident that we’ll win you over.

What is the Brunetti difference?

As soon as you walk through the door of our authentic Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant, it’s hard not to notice the passion behind the pizza. In 2009, Michael (Pops) and son, Jason (Sonny) Brunetti opened the doors to our West Hampton Beach, Long Island location with the intent of making their ideal Neopolitan-style pizza. Together the dynamic duo created their proprietary dough recipe, which offers an unmistakable texture and taste that provides a delicate outer crust with a cornicione puff and a tender, yet chewy, inside.

To further fulfill our commitment to providing our customers with authentic Neopolitan-style pizza, we installed a hand-built wood burning oven at our Westhampton location. Understanding the impact that a wood burning oven has on crafting the perfect pizza, we made sure to include a custom “brick by brick” wood burning oven built by Napoli’s legendary oven builder Stefano Ferrara in our second location in New York City’s West Village.

Aside from the ovens, we pride ourselves in using the freshest ingredients available. We believe quality makes the difference, which is why our mission is that “no corners are cut, no details ignored.” House-made mozzarella and burrata cheeses, house-infused oils, and our signature San Marano tomato sauce are just a few of the ways we set ourselves apart.


What are the “go to” items on the menu?

If you want to step outside-the-box from the classic Margherita pizza, we’re known for our Brunetti Original (called the Vongole), which includes clams fresh from the waters of Long Island on top of a crispy-tender crust that has been doused with our herbed garlic butter.

Another Brunetti favorite is the Funghi e Cipolla, which is our family recipe that consists of caramelized onions, shiitake mushrooms, goat cheese, and honey truffle oil.

We also offer a small plates menu that mirrors our Napolenta heritage and includes the perfect combinations of simple ingredients. Locals can’t get enough of Mary’s Meatballs, which are home-style meatballs made by Michael’s wife and paired with sheep’s milk ricotta.

Stop into West Village location in New York City or West Hampton location on Long Island to experience the Brunetti difference today!

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