The Brunetti History

The Brunetti History

Established in 2009, Brunetti is an authentic Neapolitan style pizza restaurant with locations in the West Village of New York City and Westhampton Beach, Long Island.

The origin story began when owners, Michael and Jason Brunetti, a dynamic father and son duo, decided to team up and launch a small pizzeria and wine bar in Westhampton Beach initially called Pizzeterria Brunetti. Influenced by their Italian ancestry and passion for the amazing quality and authentic products from this region, they centered the restaurants focus on Neapolitan style pizza and small plates.

After 18 years apart, Michael Brunetti (aka Pop) and his son/chief pizzaiolo, Jason Brunetti (aka Sonny), reunited and devoted themselves with passion and perfectionism to the task of making their ideal Neapolitan pizza. Pop learned the trade with Tony Gemignani in San Francisco. Sonny moved back to New York from Florida, and together they created their proprietary dough recipe with an inimitable texture and taste, yielding a crisp, delicate outer crust, aromatic with a cornicione puff, and a tender chewy inside.

After installing the hand-built wood burning oven at the Westhampton location and since opening the doors for business, locals and visitors alike have kept coming and shared their love for Brunetti. The small location was gaining tremendous steam and started becoming noticed by critics and others, earning a significant amount of press. (attach hyperlink to press page on that word)

After several years in business in Westhampton, and at the urging of their Hamptons clientele, the team decided to dive into the complex and challenging market of New York City. As it happens, a loyal Westhampton customer, who worked as a librarian at the Bridgehampton Library, told a young reader heading on an Italian family vacation about Brunetti pizza and how any lover of Italian cuisine must try it. That young reader convinced his father, Anthony Abenante, to make the trek to Westhampton, and both were hooked at first bite. So, Anthony decided to team up with Brunetti to bring this special food to the big city.

After a thorough search, they landed upon an amazing spot in the West Village of Manhattan at the intersection of Jane and Hudson streets. Located in the heart of the West Village and right off the iconic and scenic Jane Street, the team completely remolded the interior and the unique exterior area that they turned into secret dining garden. The Brunetti West Village location also features a custom-built on-site “brick by brick” oven by Napoli’s legendary oven-builder Stefano Ferrara.

Opened in late 2013, Brunetti fans and new customers alike began to enjoy the unique tastes and experiences at both the original Westhampton location and the West Village location. If at the West Village location, you can grab a seat at the community bar — a marble counter at the center of all the action. There you can experience the art of pizza making, from dough tossing to the firing of the oven, as well as learn about the featured lists of wine and beer available. Otherwise, enjoy a seat at one of the cozy, rustic wood banquettes or settle into the garden — one of the best backyards in the West Village, a canopied space comfortable for most of the year, with plenty of seating including a large, beautifully textured hand-made wood table that is ideal for large groups.

Our team is here to serve and provide an incredible experience for our fans and customers. Whether a repeat customer or someone seeking a new experience, we welcome you to join us at either our West Village or Westhampton locations ((hyperlink to contact). With the hope and plan of many more years and locations to come, we look forward to seeing you soon!

The Brunetti Difference
While the dough is the key essential element to the quality of the pizza, the toppings, and their quality are what the difference maker. A Brunetti mission statement is that “No corners are cut, no details ignored”!  With approximately 20 different pizza options, the team uses house-made mozzarella and ricotta, house-infused oils, and local, seasonal ingredients for specials. Flavors range from the simplest and most crucial staples from Naples, and each pizza has its own unique style.
  • The Marinara comes with housemade sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes along with fresh roasted garlic, basil, imported oregano, and no cheese
  • The classic Margherita comes with housemade sauce, fresh mozzarella made in-house, and basil
  • The Margherita Piu comes with very fine imported mozzarella di bufala, San Marzano tomatoes, and cherry tomatoes
  • The Brunetti original, called the Vongole is loaded with clams delivered directly from the waters of Long Island and freshly shucked in-house, atop a perfect crispy-tender crust that has been doused in herbed garlic butter—probably the best rendition of fresh clams and garlic butter in any dish
  • Another unique Brunetti styled pizza is the Funghi e Cipolla, which is a family recipe featuring caramelized onions, shiitake mushrooms, honey truffle oil and goat cheese
  • There are numerous others(((hyperlink to menu), all created in-house, including pizzas topped with Michael’s wife’s famous meatballs, known as Mary’s Meatballs, sweet Italian sausage, and spicy sopressata
Taking advantage of their larger space in Manhattan, the team decided to expand the concept to include a menu of light, delicate dishes designed especially to complement the pizzas. The small plates menu was inspired in part by their Napoletana family heritage with dishes that share the flavors of Napoli. Using the finest ingredients, many sourced from small Italian producers they create perfect combinations of simple ingredients that burst with flavor and freshness.
  • The Insalate, for example, needs no heavy dressing or complicated seasoning
  • The Masseria is a rustic Italian farmhouse salad of farro, kale, organic imported chickpeas that are soaked overnight and cooked gently until still al dente in vegetable stock paired with red cabbage, walnuts, almonds, ricotta salata, dried blueberries and a touch of roasted walnut oil — fresh and bursting with flavor and antioxidants!
  • A featured small plate is the Eggplant Parmigiana, a traditional rendition of Italian eggplant lightly fried and then layered with San Marzano tomato sauce and baked with Parmigiano Reggiano and Pecorino Romano with no mozzarella as tradition would have it — it’s a much lighter dish than you would expect
  • A fan favorite is the Mary’s Meatballs, the famous home-style meatballs in traditional homemade sauce with high-quality ricotta and housemade mozzarella
  • Additionally, there are many other small dishes (hyperlink here) interpretative of Italian street food, such as Arancini, which are carnaroli risotto balls filled with meat and cheese

While the food definitely sets Brunetti apart, the team has also assembled an incredible selection of beers and wines that include both staples and many that change with the seasons. All carefully selected by the team to accompany the food menu, many of the beers on tap come from specialty brewers, and the extensive wine selection represents several regions throughout Italy including the Piedmont, Campania, and Gazerra.

Come join us at either the West Village or Westhampton locations to experience our specialty pizza, small plates, wines, beers, and unique culture!